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The Parenting Primer Print Edition

The Parenting Primer  It’s here! The print edition of The Parenting Primer is finally ready to make its way through the postal system to anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts behind positive parenting in the first six years.

The Parenting Primer will help you understand the dynamics behind the ying/yang of love and limits in parenting young children, and how factors such as our communication skills, information about child development, lifestyle, creativity and self-discipline affect our experience as parents. It’s full of stories from my own experience as a parent, as well as links to additional resources such as other parenting books, blogs, websites and online communities. There are many, many parenting resources out there, and The Parenting Primer can help you make sense of them all. You can read more about The Parenting Primer here.

The Parenting Primer print edition is available now here, and it will be available on Amazon.com in about a week. The ebook version is still available here.

Buy a Print Version here!



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