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The Halloween Candy Update

So, you might be wondering how our Halloween candy experiment turned out in the end. It was all looking pretty good on day one – there were lots of candies consumed and pretty much zero deviation from normal behaviour. Was it too good to be true?

Yes and no. The candy experiment turned out differently for the two girls. Bea, the kid with no food sensitivities, was fine. She plowed through her candy pretty quickly during the daily afternoon candy free-for all, and within three days the only candy she had left were the ones she didn’t want to eat anyway. Have you ever met a kid that liked Coffee Crisp? I didn’t think so.

Claire, the kid who is very sensitive to the food she eats, was starting to show physical signs of her body freaking out about the candy around the same time Bea’s candy ran out. Whether it was purely the volume of sugar, or the nasty additives, or some sneaky gluten that found it’s way into a candy that didn’t have gluten on the label, Claire wasn’t feeling so well after three days of candy fest. Sore belly, gluten-like symptoms and early signs of a cold.

It was at this point that I shut the party down. It was lucky that Bea’s candy had run out at the same time that Claire’s body said no more. The candy just quietly stayed on the mantlepiece on day 4. The girls asked about it once or twice and I said we weren’t having any more because Claire was getting sick, and that was the end of it.

I did set some boundaries to the candy fest after all – no candy before lunch, the candy stash was put away at 4pm and brought out again after dinner. Even with these ground rules, the girls were very pleased with having the responsibility and freedom of choosing how much candy they were going to eat, and if Claire hadn’t been sick I’d have continued with letting them keep their candy stash.

Is there any Halloween candy left at your house? 

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  • Dawn November 16, 2012, 6:57 pm

    Yup, we still have candy here.
    I said they could have 3 or 4 pieces a day. About 3 days after Halloween the boys just kinda forgot there was candy in the cupboard. It was almost 2 weeks later when they remembered and they asked for some. I have the rule that they can’t have it before a meal and if they haven’t had much healthy yet, they need to have an apple or something before. I just let them have 2 or 3 pieces then put it away. They haven’t asked for it again so far. :)

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