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Resources for Food and Families

It’s amazing how something as simple as eating to fuel our bodies several times a day can become complicated.

Food is food, right? Except that it isn’t. Some food will make me feel awful even though it tastes great. Some food makes my daughter sick. Some food causes pain, sleepless nights, digestive upset, skin breakouts for members of my family and some of my friends. And when we’re gathering with others and we want to share food that everyone can enjoy, we need to find a way to prepare it, serve it and parent our children at the dinner table in a way that is healthy and enjoyable for everyone. Suddenly something that started out simple sounds like a very tall order indeed.

Thankfully, there are some wonderful mamas out there who are a little further along this journey of nourishing our families and they have some wisdom to share. I’ve been reading lots of Renee Tougas’ writing at FIMBY on eating a whole plant foods diet, and it’s so refreshing to hear a mom speak the truth about feeding her family well. It’s hard work. It takes a lot of time. If it were in our budget, whole foods deli bar takeaway would feature prominently in our weekly meals! But it’s not, and so we take the time to prepare whole plant foods because it’s worth it.

Eat-This-400x533_0This week we’ve been hosting my parents, and between the six of us we need to work around GERD, sulfite, bean and gluten sensitivities. And from what I can see in my circle of friends, this situation of having multiple food sensitivities within a family is becoming more and more common. But by serving whole plant foods and preparing meals in such a way that each person can add dressings, flavourings or specific ingredients to their own meal once it is served, we’ve managed to keep everyone mostly pain-free. I read Renee’s Eat This! ebook a while ago but I think it’s time to pull it out again as we head into the season of plentiful local salads. I can usually figure out the veggies, seeds and nuts part of the salad, but I get stuck on dressings and Renee’s got some great ideas in Eat This!

30_day_veganThis week I’ve also been participating in Heather Bruggeman’s 30 Day Vegan. What a delight! Again, whole plant foods, prepared in simple yet tasty ways. This is my first time taking an online course and I’m enjoying it a lot. There is so much depth to the content, and you can really participate at your own pace and to the degree that you are able. Some folks are truly going vegan for 30 days, others are eliminating dairy, some (like myself) are just looking for a few new plant based recipes to try out. But there is so much goodness here, it really has the potential to be a 30 day retreat in your own kitchen. I think the registration for 30 Day Vegan has just closed, but keep your eyes peeled for her Whole Foods Kitchen course in the fall.

childrenfoodAnd as I was checking out all the amazing content in the Mindful Parenting eBundle, Tara Wagner’s multimedia workshop Children and Food caught my eye. Tara’s created a 72 minute audio recording that describes the most important principles in raising healthy children and how to start practicing them, as well as a 39 page workbook full of exercises to help you dig in and start creating new traditions around food. And it’s normally only available through the Organic Sisterhood membership. I’m really looking forward to checking this resource out and learning more about Tara’s approach to food and kids. Click here to learn more about the Mindful Parenting eBundle.

I’m glad there are so many great resources out there! What are some of your favourite food resources?

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