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Introducing Empathy for Everyone

My most recent chewy personal development issue has been this:

How can I accept those things I do not like without condoning them?

Like my lower self – how can I love and accept that part of me that is greedy, angry and spiteful without condoning those behaviours?

Like my kids – how can I love and accept them, even in those moments when everything is chaos and I’d rather check out and come back later?

Like my partner – who is fallible and human just like the rest of us?

The rest of the post is on my new blog, Empathy for Everyone. I felt like it was time to make a clear shift – parenting topics on The Parent Vortex and personal/spiritual development posts on Empathy for Everyone.

I hope to see some familiar faces on the new blog – please comment and say hi so I know you’re there!


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