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Come on a forest adventure with us…

Would you like to join us for a walk in the woods? Come on, it’s fun!

dragonfly larva skin on marsh grass

Here’s something neat! What is it? Looks like a big bug. But there’s nobody inside…

dragonfly larva skins on leaves

Wait, there’s more of them. Lots more! Now I remember, these are the skins of dragonfly larvae. They grow and grow in the water, then when they get too big for their skins and they’re ready to grow wings and fly away, they crawl up a stick or leaf, burst through their old skin and fly away as a shiny new adult dragonfly.

dragonfly larva skins

swampy part of a lake

I wonder how many dragonfly larvae live in here?

fern unfurling

There are amazing, tiny details to marvel at.

spider hiding behind a fern

red legged frog

And living creatures hiding everywhere.

banana slug eating a mushroom

Creatures who are living their lives, eating meals, raising their young. (I didn’t take a picture of the mama robin sitting on her nest for fear that the noisy shutter would scare her away. But like the mother’s day lizard from a few years back, we were surprised and delighted to see her.)

hollow stump fairy house

When we came to a tiny, hollow stump, we made it into a fairy house. Of course.

sisters playing

By now it’s getting close to lunch, and everyone’s getting a little tired and hungry. But there’s a little ways to walk yet. Hang in there! It’s really shorter to keep going than it would be to turn back. I know it doesn’t seem like we’re walking in a circle, but we are!

two girls on a huge old growth tree stump

Look at that huge stump! Who wants to climb up on it?

playing with sword ferns

More walking to go still! Grab a sword fern, you can play while we walk.

play fighting with sword ferns

sword fern and stump house

We made it all the way around the lake! Thanks for joining us, let’s go on an adventure again soon…

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